Motorising Industrial and Commercial Roller Shutter Doors

motorised industrial and commercial roller shutter doors
August 22, 2023

Industrial roller doors have long been the practical choice for keeping things safe and organised in commercial spaces like warehouses and factories. They’re like the dependable gatekeepers of our valuable stuff. But in our fast-moving world, where technology is always evolving, these doors are getting even smarter, more efficient, and safer. How? Well, that’s where motorisation comes into play.

In this article, we’re going to explore the world of motorised industrial and commercial roller shutter doors. We’ll break down why it’s essential for businesses to consider this upgrade. So, let’s dive in and discover how these modern doors are changing the game when it comes to security and efficiently getting things done in the workplace.

Motorised Commercial & Industrial Roller Shutter Doors

  • Enhanced Safety

When it comes to workplace safety, roller shutter doors play a pivotal role. They provide security and control access to various areas within a commercial or industrial setting. However, manual operation of these doors can pose safety risks. Employees might need to use excessive force, adopt awkward postures, or reach to open or close the doors, potentially leading to accidents or injuries.

By motorising your roller shutter doors, you eliminate these risks. The need for manual exertion is eliminated, reducing the likelihood of strains, sprains, or accidents related to door operation. This not only safeguards your employees but also helps you maintain a safer work environment in compliance with workplace guidelines.

  • Minimising Risk

Roller shutter doors consist of springs and hardware under high tension. Any faults or issues with these components can result in significant personal injury. Motorising your industrial or commercial roller shutters ensures that your employees are kept at a safe distance from these dynamic and potentially hazardous forces. Additionally, regular inspections of industrial doors, including cables, springs, and mountings, are essential to identify signs of wear, damage, or imbalance. Lastly, motorised doors often come with built-in diagnostics that can detect issues early, preventing accidents before they happen.

  • Automated Safety Features

Motorised commercial roller shutter doors often include advanced safety features. They’re equipped with ‘force settings,’ which detect resistance when opening or closing. If the door encounters an obstacle or excessive resistance, it will automatically reverse direction, preventing damage or injury. This extra layer of protection ensures that accidents are minimised, even in situations where a manual door might continue to close, potentially causing harm or damage.

  • Improved Efficiency

Adding motors to roller shutters and doors doesn’t just make them safer; it also makes them work smarter. Imagine this: instead of your employees struggling to open or close those big, heavy doors, a motor does all the heavy lifting for them. That means they can concentrate on their actual tasks without getting tired or distracted by door duty. And there’s more! You can even set up remote control devices. It’s like having a one-touch convenient button to open and close those sturdy doors. So, not only do you save time and effort, but you also make life at work a whole lot easier.

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