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Reliant Doors specialises in repairs and maintenance for industrial and commercial roller doors in Melbourne. For emergencies call us directly on 03 83725056

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Reliant Doors can inspect all your industrial doors and provide any recommended Preventative Maintenance Service. This includes commercial roller door maintenance and industrial roller door maintenance service. We will formulate a tailored servicing program and plan to suit your business activities, your doors, and your operational requirements - whether for industrial doors or commercial doors. We specialise in providing solutions to all of your roller door needs.

There's not much to notice when your shed doors are working well. They do their job and that means you can focus on doing yours. But when your doors start to show signs of wear and tear, like when they intermittently stop responding or they start to make strange sounds, you'll want to contact a doors repair service like us at Reliant Doors to take a look - before anything major happens! We can take care of most minor repairs on the spot or diagnose more concerning repair jobs and then provide a quote for any replacement parts that you might need. We work closely with all major parts suppliers for the fast delivery of parts, so we can have your doors fixed in no time.

As they say, prevention is the best medicine, so you'll want to keep us on your contact list as a regular maintenance service provider to your business. We take pride in being able to take care of local Australian businesses, whether you are a small business or a large manufacturing facility. If you have roller doors on your premises, it's our business to keep them running in top shape. Our technicians can tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Our team are specialists for all of your roller door needs, whether you are enquiring for your business building, home garage, or for an industrial style shed. We provide solutions to your Australian roller doors care and repairs. For more information speak with our friendly team today.

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Servicing Industrial Roller Doors

Reliant Doors can inspect all of your industrial roller doors and provide the recommended Preventative Maintenance Service. We formulate a tailored maintenance program to suit your specific garage doors and industrial and commercial door maintenance needs.

Our service technicians follow a twenty-seven-point inspection and service procedure on every industrial door. If the technicians recommend any major remedial works, it will be recorded through an official Service Report. Major repairs can then be programmed for a range of factors including convenience and cost.

Regular inspections of your working environment and garage doors help to ensure that you do not get any surprises relating to major breakdowns or capital outlays. Our team of qualified installation and maintenance experts comes with years of experience in all things roller doors. By booking a regular inspection with us, we can give your system a quality check over and our technician will let you know if there is anything that requires attention. This will save you in the long run as you really don't want to wait until your garage door falters. Sadly, this happens all too often, so we are strong advocators for providing preventative maintenance services. We want to keep your high-quality business & your family safe and running well, and by hiring a technician to check your industrial doors periodically you can be sure that your door system is up to standard.

Maintenance and Repairs Solutions

Contact us to have your roller garage doors, roller industrial or commercial doors booked for a quality service or repair with a technician with the experience and solution for you. We can provide you a wide range of solutions for your heavy-duty steel roller garage doors for your home or business building. Our team has experience working with a range of standard and specialised steel roller panels and can provide quick solutions for your repairs or new garage door product installation. Contact a representative from our customer service team today to see what product solutions we can offer you for your roller garage doors through our contact form or by calling us on 03 83725056.

Servicing Industrial Garage Doors Melbourne

Emergency Technicians within Melbourne

Our team of expert technicians can be on-site as soon as possible to fix your doors, secure your site and quote for replacement parts if necessary. We understand that every minute your industrial or commercial garage door is not working is a cost to your Australian business. We will provide all the lifting equipment and complete all of the necessary OHS paperwork relevant for Victoria, Australia. This means that we can provide you with the fastest, easiest solution to all of your emergency garage door opener or closing repairs, getting you back to doing what you do best in no time. The name of our game is to provide quick door solutions to your emergency garage doors issues, and we can work with a range of style doors and gates thanks to our very qualified staff.


Emergency Roller Doors Repair

Roller doors broken and not working? This can be a real emergency, leaving your business at a standstill and your building unsecured. We understand the urgency in this situation and this is why we specialise in providing the solution in emergency roller and shutter door repairs. We can be on-site quickly to help you with all your door requirements and emergencies, whether it's industrial roller doors, commercial rollers doors, or a range of other garage door issues. We help you close garage doors quickly with the applications of our service solutions, getting your factory or home secure again in no time. Call our office staff to send a technician on their way to you and take care of any emergency you have with your garage door. We can help with your garage door accessories including openers, garage motor, or other garage door products. It's our duty to provide you the best applications and tools repairs for your garage door products, gates and grilles.